Sunday, April 11, 2010

Welcome… I’m glad you stopped by.

Hello, and welcome to my new blog. The other day while searching around on the internet I came across all kinds of cross-stitching blogs and because I am a cross-stitcher I thought it would be great to share my works with everyone too!

A little about myself; I am 24 married and work in a long term care facility in Nova Scotia. I am currently struggling with my health issues which can be read about here. My husband and I currently reside in my mothers basement as he is finishing school.

I started cross-stitching in Junior High school as my aunt was always working on something. I have left it and came back to it many times and my biggest challenge is finishing something, as in making it presentable.

My hope of this blog is to show off some of my works get some ideas on how to finish them off in ways other than sticking them in picture frames and just be able to share my progress with everyone. As I will only be posting on the weekends I am going to present everyone with one completed work a week and the progress on my current one.

This week I have my two very first cross-stitch works to show you;


SAM_0254 These were given to my Father and Mother in Junior High. They were fairly simple and because I love Winni The Pooh I was motivated to finish them.  SAM_0256



So those were my first two works. I still have the patterns for them as well as I can’t throw them away. You never no maybe I will make them again some day. I would like to have them with out the words. also as magnets or something maybe…

So now on to my current piece. SAM_0258I am almost done this I am just working on the half stitch that will shade it all. SAM_0259Then I will be moving on to the backstitching. I really love that part as that is when everything seems to come to life!

Well again thanks for dropping by and see you again next week!

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  1. Hello Holly! Your Winnie-The-Pooh finishes are darling! The hummingbirds are going to be lovely and it looks like you are close to a finish!



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