Sunday, April 18, 2010


Wow this week flew right by. But I am happy to show you my finished stitching for this week!


That’s right I have finished my humming birds! Las I left you I was working the half stitch. Well all done now! I was so excited to start the back stitching, it’s my favoirite part, it makes everything come to life. Here is an example. 

                           Before                             SAM_0266

                               After                                  SAM_0269

It just looks so much better!

This project is a Christmas present so will not be finished until I start budgeting for Christmas spending and can buy the supplies. So I am sure you will see it once it’s finished.


So now what to start, well I started this Janlynn kit. I got everything sorted and it came with  a thread sorter, which is the first time I ever used one. I am now going to hunt a plastic one down as this was just paper. I got this kit for Christmas a few years back and it looks fairly simple so lets hope it comes together quickly. Here is what I got done last night after all the sorting.

SAM_0285 SAM_0286






And there you have it, hope everyone has a good week stitching!


  1. A beautiful finish! Congratulations!

    I hate sorting kit threads. It takes so long when what you really want to do is stitch! Great new start!

  2. Beautiful finish.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and welcome to the world of blogging



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