Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunny and Lazy

Welcome back. I have no progress to report on my lazy cat. I honestly got maybe 3 more lines done. I have been really busy enjoying my time with my husband and hope to get at some stichtching tonight while watching amovie but honelst not holding my breath. 

I thought today I would show you a pattern I did using beads. It was my first time with beads and I think it turned out really nice. I am not sure how to finish this yet so if anyone has any ideas let me have em!

SAM_0313 SAM_0314I find that I have a hard time actually finishing things. I can stitch till the cows come home but when it comes to making it into something I am lost. I am not good at sewing and just can’t seem to think of any good ideas.

Well off to enjoy the sun while it lasts!

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